How to Jailbreak Playstation 3

How to Jailbreak a PS3

If you would like to know how to jailbreak a PS3, then we now have observed the fastest, easiest and safest program available.

The PS3 has enormous potential, but Sony only allows you to obtain entry to a really tiny component of that. Playstations can grow to be strong computers and do numerous points that even your Mac or Computer cannot.

By Jailbreaking your PS3, it'll then have the power to:

Install windows or Mac OS

Run a USB keyboard and mouse

Play far more games, cost-free games, burned games etc

Thousands of popular apps and programs

Run Nintendo, Sega, Atari games and more

Use well-liked world-wide-web browsers like firefox & world-wide-web explorer

Play all types of media; music, videos and more

Thanks to an automated Jailbreaking software program that may be installed on a PS3 via CD or USB stick, there's no must wait for a single of those chinese-made usb hacking sticks to be shipped.

With the Auto-Jailbreak software, there's no have to modify your hardware and no risk of turning your unit into a dead brick, by manually hacking the firmware yourself.
The PS3 Jailbreak Process

This safe and reliable method of Jailbreaking the PS3 involves adding an additional operating system towards the unit, that you just pick to run at start up. This alternate operating method is Linux.

The far more operating program is what permits you to entry all the features of the “Jailbroken” PS3. The beauty of running it separately, ways that it can be removed at any time, restoring your unit to its original state.

To date, there is only one automated software that will Jailbreak the Playstation 3 and install Linux with zero risk.This technique is known as PS3 Magic, which includes software package which will complete the Jailbreak, and detailed (easy) instructions.

The Automated Jailbreak Technique is often a as follows:

Part 1: Download PS3 Magic for your computer
Part 2: Copy the software program to a USB stick or burn to CD
Part 3: Insert CD or USB and run the setup wizard
Part 4: Configure the Wizard as instructed and execute
Part 5: Reboot the unit and select Linux at begin up
Part 6: Install your games, apps, media, keyboard & mouse!